If you fail, the only thing you can control is if go down with gusto.

Mr. Franks, my glee-club teacher. 

I think that’s quite possibly the absolutely best advice I ever got in high school.


My friend sent me this video without context

I’m laughing so hard !

I think my “so cool” pretentiousness drops at night, whether drunk or not, I seem to mix a whole lot better after midnight. I stop worrying about what’s hot and new or whatever and I just go for raw emotion, bpm and danceability.

Anonymous asked:

So do you not like the bear community because they're not inclusive and think they're the Universe's gift to the earth?

iwannabeyourgentleman answered:

I don’t like the bear community because instead of becoming a body positivity movement it became a bunch of fat racist hypermasculine white men

*Dat escalated quickly… but… (even though it’s not the complete truth), it’s a partial truth. To be fair, there are some equal opportunity gays out there, and some racists gays and some mainstream gays and some indie gays. and nerd gays and jock gays… just like “the straights”… being gay or any other minority (color, size, shape) doesn’t automatically grant one the power of tolerance and color-blind empowerment, it’s a bit of a skill that only truly evolved humans learn either through their own life experiences (struggle) or quite advanced human emotional-intelligence (compassion). So, instead of attacking the white, (don’t forget, usually old) gays -things they CAN NOT CHANGE-, maybe we could work a little harder on changing things we CAN change, such as their (and our own) perspective (on color, size, shape, age and maybe even masculinity [gasp]).

…or not, whatever, I’m not your mother.